Tuning in to Kids® is an evidence-based, emotion-focused group parenting program originally developed by Professor Sophie Havighurst and Ann Harley in 1999. Adaptations of the program include Tuning in to Kids®, Tuning in to Teens™, Dads Tuning in to Kids™ and Tuning in to Toddlers™.

The Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs provide a new way of working with families that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. The programs aim to teach parents and carers skills in recognising, understanding and managing their own and their children’s emotions.

We have established evidence from multiple randomised controlled research trials of the programs, which have shown that parent participation in our programs leads to positive outcomes including improving parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s emotional competence and behaviour. Although originally designed as a prevention program, research has shown that the programs have also been highly effective with children with clinical level emotional and behavioural difficulties. The program is also often delivered in one to one sessions with parents/carers.

Professionals are provided with training in use of the Tuning in to Kids® suite of programs. See our training options at this link: https://tuningintokids.org.au/train-with-us/

Resources are also available for parents. See https://tuningintokids.org.au/parents/