Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for training?
When do registrations open?
Why do Victorian Clinicians have priority to book places in your workshops?
Can I register if I reside outside of Australia?
Are your workshops recorded?
Can two people share one Zoom login/workshop registration?
Can our team sit together in the same room for a Zoom workshop?
Can I have a copy of the slides without the text box?
I haven’t received my pre-course email/material/resources
What forms do I need for ADOS-2?
Pre-requiste training for ADOS-2 Workshops at Mindful
Can I be exempted from the prerequisite training for ADOS-2?
What ADOS-2 workshop should I do? Do I need to complete them in order?
Can I do ADOS-2/ADI-R in New Zealand?
Can I register 5+ staff for ADOS?

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